UN.S.CENE (2018, 24mins, 16mm B&W, sound)
Un.s.cene explores ideas of trace and connection in the post-industrial landscapes bordering a river. 16 mm film is employed as image substrate and structural material, as footage shot on camera is buried and submerged in mud on the banks of the River Tyne. The contaminants which have created an odd microclimate in this area eat into and alter the images captured on camera, echoing changes to the landscape wrought by industry. Field recordings made of both active and abandoned spaces along the river combine with these experimental images to form a document of my relationship with a marginalised land space. Filmed on the river Tyne in North East England, Un.s.cene follows the flow of power and socio-economic change down the river course, highlighting hidden and overlooked points where industrial history and ecosytem meet.

Commissioned by AV Festival.

Selected Exhibitions/ Screenings:

AV Festival March 2018

Workplace Gallery, August 2018

ArtGene, Barrow-in-Furness, November 2018