ELOHIM (2015, 4'22mins , Colour HD video, sound)

Short film which attempts to find a narrative within the process of projection, asking what kind of spaces are created when film light escapes the boundaries of the screen.
Made for an Arts Council funded commission by The Newbridge Project, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
Sound (recorded and mixed by Billy Steiger) takes short-wave number station transmissions as its starting point, documenting and recreating transience, which combines with wandering film forms. A brief moment of solidity is gathered from the normally undetectable or invisible audio-visual signals that surround us.
Elohim draws on Rudolf Steiner's writings on the spiritual and metaphysical implications of colour, imagining how these ideas might be translated into an audio-visual presence and temporally transient physical form.

Selected Exhibitions/ Screenings:

Thin Air, The NewBridge Project, Newcastle Upon Tyne (Nov 2015 - Jan 2016)

Cample Line, Scotland, June 2017